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Ryoanji Temple | Kyoto

Honesty in material, overlapping space, flexible space, vistas, connection the outside, framed views, precinct, perimeter walls, artwork is integral to the building, the building is the artwork, community oriented, atmosphere, contemplation, transcendence

Tadao Ando | The Garden of Fine Art

Connection to outside, construction of space, overlapping space, layers of space, fusion between tradition and modern, palate of materials, atmosphere, contemplation, trancendence, perimeter walls, precinct, sense of journey, artwork is integral to the building, building is an artwork

Foreign Office Architects | Yokohama Internation Passanger Terminal

Constructed landscape, constructed space, overlapping spaces, meandering, contemplation, sense of place, connection to the city, not enough vertical connection, furniture is integral

Utzon | Can Feliz

Platform, depth, overlapping space, constructed vistas, constructed courtyard, inside/outside living, precinct, layers of privacy, sits comfortably in site

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Theoretical Agenda

The underlying theme for the Coogee Community Centre is to bring people together. To create a building that commands the open space but is also sympathetic and beneficial to the local residents.

The site is very unique and therefore demands a very unique building, a building that could not be transposed anywhere else. The site is in a valley between two headlands and makes up part of the void the urban fabric, that is the football oval. The beach is just a step away and the north/south cliff faces stand tall, protecting the beach and speaking the same language as the buildings that bound the perimeter of the site.

Coogee has a unique community environment, with a good proportion of its population transient. The new Coogee Community Centre seeks to bring all parts of this community together in a social and multicutural atmosphere.

David Leatherbarrow speaks about the Roots of Architectural Invention. “By definition the design must fit with, respond to and mediate with its surroundings, perhaps completing a pattern implicit in the street layout or introducing a new one.”

I chose to complete the pattern of the parks- Centennial-Randwick Race Course- the bowling greens, the site, the oval to the ocean. I also chose to disregard the street layout creating a unique building that will give back all the benefits of the site.

Architectural inspiration

Yokohama Internation Terminal

Casa Buzeta, Felipe Assadi