Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Idea

Eward Hopper 'House by the Railroad'

I got to bogged down in the old idea so i decided to start a fresh...

Sentence: An Observatory for an old, widower who has an obsession with train spotting.

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Felicity Wheeler said...

Hi Emily,

good move to let go of your original idea if you were feeling stuck.

My only concern with the new painting that you have selected is that it is not an interior, and interiors are the focus of this particular project.

Your sentence, however, is spot on, in terms of defining the type of structure, the person's characteristics and the activity.

Hopefully this won't freak you out, but I think you need to choose another painting that depicts an interior scene. All of your good thinking work on the two previous paintings will mean that you will respond to the new painting quickly.

Remember that you are working with the atmoshphere and emotions of the painting to establish your sentence - it's possible that your current design sentence may reflect another Hopper painting, or that you can work with it and develop it.

Perhaps you can approach the first painting you selected in a new way now that you have developed your thinking.