Friday, October 26, 2007

The meeting space in the middle, Carlos Slim's grand, extravent, mexican style office space and above in the bridge is Ratan Tata's modern, inconspicious office space.

Meeting space in the begining without the dining table (also without 1 wall however it is not displayed in this image as it is the wall that is behind the camera.)The meeting space is a combination of modern and Mexican styles, the chairs represent the positions that the clients would be seated. The chairs are both on podiums for they represent the clients both sitting tall (respresenting their power) at the table. Notice the chairs are also different hights!

Meeting space with dining table. The elevator from Carlos Slim's office space moves up to become the table. ( The wall of the meeting space- not in this view- comes down with Ratan Tata's elevator to complete the meeting space. The meeting space can not survive without the two clients both coming to the meeting space.)

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