Saturday, August 18, 2007

This video is displaying the underground space. The stairs start in the exhibition/transition space and take the viewer under ground. The stairs are made of a raw dense and heavy material and lead the viewer through a dark intrusive tunnel and into the prison like undergound studio space.


David Saczko said...


Awesome video's and I love that Black and Yellow model that you have developed. You have a great talent for contrasting the light and dark areas of your models, and your attention to detail is spot on. The only real critic that I have is of the stop motion animation, it dosent feel quite right as your model seems to flow and has a very natural fluid feel especially with the use of the sketchy function, and the jerky motion doesn't sit well with the rest of your stuff. I must say though I'm very impressed, good luck.

emilymaclaurin said...

Thanks for the comment!!! Good constructive critisim- however i think i will leave it that way, only because i actually did it for a reason... i wanted to highlight the images that it pauses on throughout the video. I think its the quality of the movie which makes it jerky which is a pity, i just hope you get the drift and it doesnt make you too dizzy!!! :)