Saturday, August 18, 2007

This video starts by showing the natural light source that shines through the opening in the roof of the building. This video tours the above ground studio space and the transition space. The upstairs studio space is encompased by translucent walls and a delicate floor, the stairs are equally intricate and fragile at the top and trasform into a raw and heavy material when they enter the underground. The exhibition space is encorporated in the transition space. Duchamp's cage is situated in a position where the viewer must shift it to continue down the stairs- in order to feel how deceivingly heavy the cage is. The next viewing is of Da Vinci's helicopter, this is hung from the platform in order to re-enforce its light, flying quality and is in a position to distract the viewer from noticing the transition of the stairs from a dainty fragile material to a raw and heavy, underground like material.

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